Solution Series Suite of Products

Over Two Decades of Physician Trust and Satisfaction


Solution Series

Designed in a real practice it works like a doctor thinks. Efficient, usable, and fast so you can spend more time focused on your patients. All in an award-winning interface.


Solution Series Hosting

An extension of your IT team providing extra muscle and round the clock management for a cost-effective, headache-free solution.


Solution Series Plus

The latest technology coupled with high usability to navigate the changing and increasingly complex medical practice environment.


Our Solution Series clinical solutions are designed by practicing physicians who recognize that software needs to be fast, customizable, and intuitive at the point of care. Since 1996, eMDs has built physician practice IT solutions based on how physicians work and engage with their patients. Physician satisfaction is always top of mind, and our customers play an important role in product design and strategy.

Timely and accurate reimbursements

A comprehensive set of billing and accounts receivable management features combined with administrative task and workflow management tools.

Smooth throughput drives patient satisfaction

Scheduling patients, equipment and staff can be a complex task – and one that makes a huge difference in patient satisfaction. This intuitive and easy to use part of Solution Series drives productivity and a smoothly run office.

Document care rapidly and accurately

Swift and complete documentation at the point of care results not only in better outcomes and care coordination, but more accurate charge capture and faster payments. Templates for specialties (link to specialties) allow for faster implementation of specific documentation requirements based on practice type.

Drive patient engagement and satisfaction

Our patient portal is an easy way for patients to communicate with your office. Our portal offers the capability to deliver patient health record data, appointment requests and confirmations, results messaging, health maintenance reminders, refill requests and more. Online, secure and convenient. Plus, the portal can reduce resource requirements for your staff.


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Solution Series

Full Control of Your EHR Right from Your Office or Hosted in the Cloud

eMDs was founded by a practicing physician working in a busy practice. Solution Series works like a doctor thinks. It is efficient and does not get in your way. It's also built a reputation in thousands of offices nationally for generating truly readable notes that reflect the doctor's actual thought processes. Solution Series is also known for being the leading system when it comes to seamlessly capturing accurate clinical and billing data that supports the ability to do detailed quality reporting and generate accurate claims.  Solution Series providers have been recognized nationally for leading the charge over the years and are sought after to be participants in ACOs, insurance quality initiatives, and other advances, because they know they will get good clean data and the doctors are making a real difference every day in the push for quality.

Designed for Clinical Efficiency

Easily adaptable to your workflows.

Usable and Fast

Spend more time with your patients and less time typing.

Intelligent Order Entry

Quickly capture orders, prescribe medications, provide recommendations, and patient education.

Highly Interoperable

Easily connect to diagnostic result providers, HIEs, and other party systems.

Solution Series Hosting

Eliminate IT headaches with Solution Series Hosting. Our team of experts are focused on hosting your database freeing you to build your practice instead of upgrading hardware, dealing with downtime, figuring out how to handle a server crash, or worrying about backups.

Cost Effective

Predictable costs via a monthly subscription fee.


Ready to help you grow, whether it is steady, incremental, or a rapid deployment.

Latest Technology, Automatically

Always be on the most up-to-date technology as new versions are released.


You’ll only ever need to call one vendor for support.


The highest level of security ensuring compliance with industry and government regulations.

Solution Series Plus

Secure Web-based Convenience

Solution Series Plus offers the advantages of a true web-based solution proven from a company with decades of experience. By moving your technology solutions to the web, practices gain many advantages:

Easy Mobility

Work on the device of your choice.

Work from Anywhere at Anytime

Solution Series Plus untethers you from your office – check in on patients from home or on the road at your convenience.

Reduced Technical Requirements

Any installation, migration or updates take place in the web. As a true browser-based system there are no requirements for someone to come to your office and update servers or workstations.
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Grows at Your Pace

Add new doctors, patients, staff and locations with ease.