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Population Health Management

Supporting the move to "No Outcome, No Income"

No Patient Satisfaction, No Fulfillment.

The ultimate in combining quality of care – healthy patients – with financial compensation – a healthy practice – is the move towards population health management.  

Population health management means many things to a lot of different people, but fundamentally, it means using data to ensure that the care you provide is resulting in the best patient outcomes.

We know that you are already doing a fantastic job of taking care of your patients because we are in constant touch with thousands of physician practices like yours.   

Proving that, however, is harder.  Pretty soon, physician practices' payments will depend on that proof.

No outcome, no income.

We're not there yet – but the time may be coming.  There are many stages of moving towards value-based care, and we find that many of our physician practice customers are moving ahead at their pace.

The ultimate end-game for the shift to population health management (PHM) solutions is for payment based on outcomes, instead of receiving fee-for-service.  Patients are already making decisions about their physicians based on the increased transparency of quality and satisfaction.  

What does this mean for physician practices?  

The time to stick your toe in the population health waters is now; whether it is to begin to gather data for analysis or to monitor quality indicators or move ahead to the more structured bundled payments, shared reward or shared risks models.

Support for making the transition

With over three decades providing services for the independent practice, eMDs has helped our customers through many changes in reimbursement and care delivery.  We are here to guide you through the changes that will require population health management (PHM) software, letting you take the course that works best for you as the healthcare industry transforms.

Ready to optimize quality & financial performance?

How is our PHM simply better?

Our Population Health solutions work with the eMDs practice management system and EHR of your choice. There is no need to change from your Lytec, Medisoft, Practice Partner or Solution Series solution to leverage population health capabilities. 

Dashboards, using actionable analytics, can take data from your technology solutions and compare to key quality measures and determine the possible care quality and financial impact.  

Grouping patients with similar levels of risks (known as risk stratification) allows physicians to track and manage populations of patients. 

Exchange functionality allows your practice the ability to gather critical data from registries and other sources to be served up in your dashboards. 

Care management alerts you and your staff to potential gaps-in-care and supports an efficient, evidence-based workflow to help close those gaps.  

Easily managed patient registries connected to (such as portals) patient communications tools help you engage your patients in the most effective ways.